Challenges and latest technological innovations for physical activity adapted to neuromotor disability

Lyon Cyber Days

ANTS organizes every year a scientific and sportive event: Lyon Cyber Days. Dedicated to showcasing the latest technological achievements serving motor handicap, it is centered around two key moments. A scientific conference on the first day, in collaboration with the ENS de Lyon Physics lab; and a grand public demonstration on the second day, in collaboration and in parallel with Lyon Free Bike. 


  • First day at ENS de Lyon: Scientific conferences with international speakers on various topics around the stimulation of the disabled body. More precisely, discussions lead towards “Challenges and technological innovations for motor handicap rehabilitation”.
  • Second day at Parc de Gerland: FES Bike demonstration and races in friendly atmosphere. We propose to discover the activities that we supervise in the S.P.O.R.T. gym to raise awareness among sport and disability.

Next edition: September, 2nd 2023


Lyon Cyber Days 2023