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How to donate?

You want to support our actions regularly or ponctually ?

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Why donate ?

Biceps-Logo   Access to physical activity

By donating to ANTS, you allow people with motor disabilities to get back the pleasure of praticing sport in a adapted and friendly place while promoting the social inclusion of everyone.

To know more about the S.P.O.R.T.’s room

  Support of the research

Alongside, you support ambitious research projects which ally innovation, sport and disability.

Logo Essaimage salles S.P.O.R.T  Expansion

You contribute in creating new sport’s room in the local area.

About your donation:

ANTS association is a a non-profit association (1901 law) and “d’intérêt général”. As a result, for French tax residents, it’s authorized to issue tax receipts that entitle you receive an income tax credit of 66% of the amount of your donations, or 75% tax reductionon of the IFI (“Impôt sur la fortune immobilière”).