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The robotic gait trainer G-EO System by Reha Technology allows people to perform the natural movements of walking on even floor or by simulating a stairwell. This machine of a unique design is available with an electrostimulation module to mobolise the muscles of paralyzed legs.

The set up is carried out within a few minutes and a session allows a stimulation of the cardiovascular system that is more important than a bike.

We plan on acquiring this machine as soon as possible, so help us collect the necessary 400 000 € for this acquisition.

How to donate?

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About your donation:

ANTS association is a a non-profit association (1901 law) and “d’intérêt général”. As a result, for French tax residents, it’s authorized to issue tax receipts that entitle you receive an income tax credit of 66% of the amount of your donations, or 75% tax reductionon of the IFI (“Impôt sur la fortune immobilière”).